Terms & Cond


For Hudson Web Solutions to get started on your website project, you will need to pay Hudson Web Solutions 50% of the chosen package price which will be non-refundable deposit. You will receive the invoice for this together with the Project Proposal.

Once your deposit is received, our first client meeting is organised, either face to face, or over the phone. In this meeting, we will discuss the Project Proposal and collect details that will ensure that your new website will meet your business needs, and personal preferences.


Should the client wish to cancel their acceptance of the quote, then Hudson Web Solutions will invoice the client for any work completed to date.


Before the work on your website can start, you must pay for the hosting of your website (which I can set up and do for you).


As a client, you are required, ( You, the client, have) to provide us with the content for your website, ie. text, photos, the logo files, and  to instruct us as to where they should appear on your website. This information is required within (will need to be provided within) a couple of weeks after signing the Project Proposal. Please provide all files in digital high quality format. For the logo we prefer layered files with transparent background. If you are unsure about this, we can chat with you and explain what we mean.

We will ask you what domain name(s) you would like Hudson Web Solutions to register in your name. If you have one registered already, you will need to provide me the login details to your domain name, so we can adjust the Domain Name Server (DNS) records. To be able to continue to manage your domain name effectively, we recommend to transfer your domain name to our registrar of choice.


We take our clients privacy very seriously. Under no circumstances will any personal or other information that we may hold about our clients be released to any 3rd parties.


Once you have paid the deposit, you have demonstrated your agreement with our terms and conditions as they appear here, and unless we have expressly varied them to you in writing, and shows that you have entered into a Client Agreement between you and Hudson Web Solutions, (in other words, you are giving us the job of making you a website).


Hudson Web Solutions will proceed to build your website, provided you have supplied us with the website content needed for the job. We will be keeping you updated at all times throughout the process. At this point we will invoice you for the remainder of the total cost of your website project, which will be payable within 15 days.

Going Live

Once we have received your finial payment the website will go live. Failure to Pay / Insufficient Funds

All invoices by Hudson Web Solutions are payable upon invoice or within 15 days. Hudson Web Solutions may at its sole discretion, suspend any website hosting account, including email address(es) that are associated with the invoice non-payment. In such instance, I will not be held responsible for any loss of data or income past or future, if the website account suspension is due to the invoice non-payment. This applies to development and annual maintenance invoicing.


Hudson Web Solutions will not accept any responsibility for any alterations performed by either the client or a third party which cause errors within in the site. Such alterations include, but are not limited to, additions, modifications or deletions.
If Hudson Web Solutions is required to correct any errors resulting from such alterations, the client will be charged the current hourly rate.


From time to time WordPress releases new updates, and some of these are security upgrades. So when WordPress releases the update, whoever is in charge of the back-end should apply the updates as soon as possible. However no one can guarantee that the updates will not result in a conflict between the WordPress core files, and the theme of the website, or some of the plug-ins used in the website; causing your website not to work properly.

We would like to assure you that such conflicts can be resolved by some minor adjustments. However each case is different, and we simply cannot guarantee anything. If you require me to help you with such an occurrence, you will be charged our current maintenance rates.


Registering the client’s Web Site with search engines does not by itself guarantee that all search engines will accept the client’s listing or that the client’s listing will appear in the first 10 listings.
It can take up to several months for the major search engines to index the client’s Web Site. An extra fee is required in advance at the current rate of the particular Search Engine for priority placement.
Search Engine Registration is only one part of the client’s On-line Marketing Strategy. The client’s Web Site address should also be included in all the client’s advertising material eg. Letterheads, Business cards and Print/Radio/TV Media.
Having a link to the client’s Web Site from as many other Web Sites as possible should also increase the chances of the client’s Web Site being listed higher in various Search Engines.
Reregistering and changing a Web Site periodically will help to ensure Search Engines re-index the Listing.

Last updated on December 1st, 2016